GROUP-service is suitable for all groups, without own company.

In the Group service, you handle invoicing, salaries and other byrocracy on behalf of the entire group.

There will be an invoice to the customer tax rate according to the group’s branch 0 – 24%.

For example in the construction sector, group work is billed to companies at the rate of construction reverse 0% VAT and for households general tax rate 24% VAT. The tax rate for the performing group is always 0%.

4works invoicing service is super economical!

Service fee is only 2,0 - 3,6%

+ fixed group billing surcharge 15 € / member / invoice

In addition to the service fee, 4works does not charge anything vague about your salary additional charges or mandatory premiums, which is in competition billing services common practice.

– Sending invoices as e-invoices and by e-mail
– Track / verify invoice shipments
– Monitoring of payments
– Automatic payment reminders
– Payroll
– Treatment of expenses and travel allowances
– Withholding tax 
– Withholding tax settlement for the tax collector
– Withholding of health insurance premium (when the YEL limit is exceeded)
– Settlement of the health insurance premium to the tax collector
– Salary declaration to the Income Register
– Payroll for you
– Liability and accident insurance
– Customer service and advice
– Advice and assistance in recovery
– Real-time chat service
– Free Marketplace (Tekijat.4works-fi)

Joining the 4works billing service and sending invoices is free. By joining the service, you do not commit to anything and you can stop using the service at any time if you wish.

4works service fee is charged only in connection with the payment of salary, the tax-free amount of the invoice. The salary will be paid as soon as the billed customer’s payment appears in the billing service account and is assigned to your invoice.

Salaries are always paid in the morning and the money is in your account normally on the same day.

When starting the invoicing the service fee is 3,6% from the tax-free price of the invoice. Service decreases progressively in other words more you invoice the less you pay service fee.

Invoicing accumulation/service fee %:
Less than 50 000 €/ 3,6%, 50.001-100.000 € / 3,2 %, 100.001-150.000 € / 2,8 %, 150.001-200.000 € / 2,4 % and over 200.000 € / 2,0 %.
Billing accumulation is increasing all the time and will never be zeroed.

Create the user id.  – You’ll get 50€ bonus as a new beginner and accident insurance free of charge from 15th May 2024.

After the registration you get the user Id in your email. When registrating I will accept all the terms of privacy policy and personal data register. 

Easy and fast billing for the whole group

Using the Group-service in a nutshell: 


1. Each member of the group registers for the 4works service
2. Everyone logs in to the service and fills in their own personal information on the MY INFORMATION page.
3. And selects the BASIC service. There is no need to do anything else.


1. Get group invoicing in use from customer service
2. Create the group and fill names of members
3. Register the customer data
4. Create the invoice to the customer and mark members share and possible expences.

The salary of the members of the group is charged the normal Basic service fee.